Local Nature & Wildlife

The area covered by Fradley and Streethay Parish Council is extensive, covering the rural eastern fringe of Lichfield City. Until recently Streethay had less than 250 homes. Fradley grew out of the second world war airfield and this has also seen extensive commercial and residential development which is continuing today. It has been a rural area, despite urban encroachment and the challenge is to ensure that the rural and agricultural aspect remains and is nurtured by residents old and new. Its rich habitat and diversity can be developed and cherished by all residents.

Fradley and Fradley Junction are well known for their Canalside settings with associated water birds. Fradley Junction is a recognised conservation area and the Canal Lake adjacent to it has been extensively developed to encourage bio-diversity and a beautiful place to walk and admire the wildlife with a bird watching hut by the water’s edge. It has well-made paths and boardwalks. The Canals, the Trent and Mersey and the Coventry canal run like a silver thread throughout our Parish, joining at Fradley Junction, and provide a quiet refuge for all. Although otters have not been seen recently, plans are in place to introduce new otter-friendly habitats, they are included in the plans for the development at the Stirling Centre. We all hope this will encourage these elusive mammals to return to our stretches of canals.

Both Fradley and Streethay are surrounded by wonderful countryside which, although mainly agricultural, it is criss-crossed by many public footpaths (link to map of local footpaths) that offer wonderful ‘big sky views’ and sightings of buzzards soaring across our fields are a regular sight.

Even the A38 provides habitats for wildflower displays, small mammals and birds with kestrels often hovering above them. And our back gardens can be a haven for wildlife of all kinds, including our much loved hedgehogs.

For injured Hedgehog rescue The Sutton/Four Oaks organisation is at: www.snuffles-rescue.com and for emergency contact: Ashwood Veterinary Clinic, 448 Lichfield Rd, Telephone: 0121 308 1128 or out of hours call Claire 07806 744772

The conservation of wild animals cannot occur without an emphasis on plant diversity, especially native species. Many species of animals depend on it. For example you will see that the parish council does not cut hedges during the spring and summer to protect native birds at their nesting time.

The parish council are keen to hear your ideas about our surroundings and we will be asking for more photographs as our new website develops, so please get snapping!


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