Fradley Neighbourhood Plan

What is a Neighbourhood Plan and why is it important?

It’s about having a local plan for development, facilities, local wishes and, of course, the community.

Neighbourhood Plans are local initiatives based on consultation, discussion and a referendum to ensure that residents have their say.

These plans were created by Parliament to give local people a say in the development in and around their villages and communities. The Parish Council provided initial funds to set up the local one in Fradley as it is a subcommittee of the Council but has not shaped or dictated the plan’s contents. It had to be independent.

One of the most important issues in having a Neighbourhood Plan is that it gives more money for Fradley village. Money given by developers to Lichfield District Council (the Community Infrastructure Levy or CIL) is distributed to Parish Councils for Social and Community Facilities at a rate of 15% where there is no Neighbourhood Plan in place, or 25% where a Neighbourhood Plan has been accepted. This gives a lot more money and control to the Parish and it’s residents.

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How it Started

The Fradley Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee was formed in early 2014 with a good number of volunteers helping to understand the process and formulating a strategy by which to move forward. A public meeting was held on 14th January 2015. It is estimated that 150 residents attended this meeting and the group discussed the main aims and how residents could get involved with forming the Fradley Neighbourhood Plan (FNP).

Since then, the Steering Committee has been working hard with a specialist company Navigus Planning Consultants to formalise the draft plan that is now available to read. It has been a challenging and time-consuming project, but after over 4 years of work, the group trust that the plan not only satisfies the residents of Fradley and their views, but also our local authority and ultimately Government. The NP is an important policy document in its own right and in addition to the above has to support the Local Plan formulated by Lichfield District Council and stringent planning laws. To this end a formal and thorough inspection by an independent Government official must be undertaken.

What is the position now?

On 12th February 2019, Lichfield District Council formally accepted Fradley Neighbourhood Plan, after many stages (which are detailed below). It now forms part of the development plan for Lichfield District and must be taken into consideration and conformed to by developers and planners.

There have been many formal stages to this process: (these can be seen in more detail on LDC’s website:

Fradley Neighbourhood Plan was submitted to Lichfield District Council for the Regulation 16, 6-week consultation period which ran between 22/05/18 to 03/07/18.

Following this (and after some minor changes to the plan), it was then submitted to an Independent Examiner for scrutiny. This examination was concluded in November 2018.

Again, further amendments were made to the plan in line with the Independent Examiners report. Lichfield District Council agreed on 4th December 2018 to proceed to the final stage of the process – the Referendum – gaining final approval by residents.

The Referendum was held on 31st January 2019, with 517 votes recorded and 87.6% of voters in favour of the plan.

This left just the formal acceptance of the result by Lichfield District Council, which was agreed by cabinet on 12th February 2019

What happens next?

It is recommended that the Neighbourhood Plan is reviewed every 5 years and must be kept broadly in-line with Lichfield District Councils Local Plan (as this is amended and updated).

The NP can be amended at any time though and it is likely that changes will be proposed before this time. Therefore the Parish Council would like to invite further volunteers to help take the Plan forward and help makes these changes.

If you would like more information on how to get involved, please contact Clare Orme (Parish Clerk) on (01543) 444 233.

Who’s Who.

FNP Steering Committee:
Chairman – Simon Roberts
Vice Chairman – Jo Spence
Secretary – Sandy Carruthers
Communication – Linda Wild

Have a look at our meeting minutes and Documents by clicking here.

We trust you do support what has been achieved so far in creating the Neighbourhood Plan and will vote with us to ensure it is approved. Any questions – just get in touch.

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