Neighbourhood Alert

Published: 18 November 2020

Staffordshire Police are urging drivers to take simple crime prevention measures to deter would-be thieves from stealing your vehicle or items from it. Ensure your vehicle is securely locked and that the alarms or immobilisers are switched on.

NEVER leave keys in the ignition if you move away from your vehicle - even to pop back indoors while it warms up, to go into the shop or to use the cash machine.

Remember to shut all windows and the sun roof. Remove all items from view including your sat nav and its cradle. Even a bag of rubbish could convince a thief there is something worth stealing.

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Please remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity on 101. If you see a crime in progress dial 999.

Message Sent By
Margaret Griffiths (Police, Police Community Support Officer, Lichfield & District, Fazeley, Mile Oak & Bourne Vale, Whittington, Tame & Mease)